Allan Bo Band and The Ray Charles Connection


Allan Bo Band can’t offer you Count Basie, Thad Jones, Quincy Jones or Ray Charles live on stage, but if you appreciate the music they represent you will not find yourself going in vain to a concert with the band.


The band combines a respect for the famous jazz heroes and traditional jazz with contemporary jazz expression. On stage plenty of room is given to all the band members’ personal expression as soloists.


With a balanced mix of precision and lifeblood the nine-piece Allan Bo Band gives the audience a chance to sense both the well-known big band sound and the ease and elegance of a smaller group.


With his countless concerts, album releases, and Grammys Ray Charles, has influenced jazz, R&B and other genres for more than 50 years. He is also a great inspiration when Allan Bo Band puts together concert programs and the repertoire features his work extensively. Therefore: The Ray Charles Connection.


Allan Bo Band emphasizes contact with the audience. Partly by choice of repertoire, and partly by using his radio experience to spice up concerts with comments about the music and with short jazz anecdotes.


During the past 20 years Allan Bo Band has performed in Scandinavia at jazz clubs, festivals, TV and radio and the Copenhagen Tivoli Gardens.


Welcome to the next concert with Allan Bo Band.



Allan Bo